What Is “One Day?”

“One Day to Feed the World” is Convoy of Hope’s annual campaign that has the power to transform the lives of children and families throughout the world. By taking part, you will help transform the lives of children by helping us provide healthy living through nutritious food, clean and safe drinking water and much more. Work one day. Give that day’s wage. Your “One Day” changes their every day!

Get Involved

  1. Download the Leader’s Guide & COH Program Sheets.
  2. Complete steps 1 through 4 below to register your church.
  3. Start your “One Day” campaign.
  4. Give online or by mail to:
    Convoy of Hope
    Attn: ONE DAY Gift
    P.O. Box 1125
    Springfield, MO 65801

Leader's Guide
How-To Information

194 Download
  • Contact Information
  • Organizational Information
  • Poster set

    2 - 11x22 posters in each

    Poster set
  • Adult Materials

    Brochure & Sticker

    Adult Materials
  • Envelope

    Offering envelope

    Offering Envelope
  • Kid's Handout

    Sticker with information

    Kid's Handout
    (Includes English and Spanish videos)
  • Choose your One Day
  • Materials needed by:
Convoy of Hope: Overview
Story of One: Matilda
Story of One: Tigist
Story of One: Mahar
Story of One: Manas
One Day Commercial
One Day Challenge
Story of One: Sheri
Story of One: Baraka
Story of One: Imani
One Day Challenge
Story of One: Selenia
Story of One: Kate
Story of One: Martha
Heal the World
Sung by Candace Payne
The Power of One
by Israel Houghton
by Mike Tompkins
Just a Little Kindness
by Jill Hollier Leal
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